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Ore no turn! [userpic]

Warning: Glee squeeing ahead.

February 9th, 2011 (11:35 am)
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My new icon makes me happy. ILY PAVAROTTI! Best avian character ever. (Also one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter.)

Sooo Fox decided to make people explode by airing two new Glee episodes in one week... and I'm kind of glad they did. The Super Bowl episode was extremely disappointing. The Karofsky storyline bugged the crap out of me ("Hey, let's have oodles of character development, then press the rest button!"), Bills Bills Bills was thrown in completely randomly, and apparently there is such thing as too much Sue. Also, if I was Kurt, I'd be really pissed to find out my stepbrother was being all buddy buddy with the guy who threatened my life and forced me to transfer schools.

The Valentine's Day episode was like a billion times better. Puck/Lauren is my new OTP (Lauren is giving Sue a run for her money as my new favorite Glee character), Blaine is suddenly human, and Darren's voice is amazing. When I Get You Alone and Silly Love Songs didn't sound as horribly autotuned as BBB did. (And WIGYA led me to coining the term 'Darrengasm'. Seriously. Klainers were bitching about Gap Guy, but I was too busy fawning over Darren's singing.)

And speaking of Gap Guy, I can't stop laughing because he is basically Cho Chang from AVPM. Blaine/Kurt/GapGuy is unbelievably similar to Harry/Ginny/Cho. Blaine/Harry tells Kurt/Ginny he wants to sing a love song to the person he likes. Kurt/Ginny thinks they're that someone, but it's actually GapGuy/Cho. Song is sung, Blaine/Harry is turned down, and is still completely oblivious that Kurt/Ginny likes him.
Dalton needs a Yule Ball, stat!

Also, didn't anyone care that poor Gap Guy lost his job because of the song? Anyone?